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Rangel Construction Company boasts its safety program, despite being a small business.  Development of our company’s safety manual and the general oversight of the safety of our work environment are outsourced to Hellman and Associates, an OSHA VPP certified environmental health and safety (EHS) consultant, based in Colorado. 

As part of their safety compliance services, Hellman and Associates conducts jobsite reviews for Rangel Construction.  A report is then generated citing all OSHA violations and fine amounts.  Violations are then corrected by the site superintendent, with a signature and date required on a correction acknowledgment form. 


A site specific Accident Prevention Plan (APP) is developed for each major project Rangel performs.  All employees and subcontractors are required to review and accept the plan, with acknowledgment signatures required before any work is performed.


Rangel Construction Company administrative and management staff works toward accurate and sufficient recording keeping in regards to safety and accident documentation.  As part of their consultation, Hellman and Associates annually reviews Rangel Construction’s accident record keeping, for OSHA compliance as well as general safety review and consultation.



Quality Control

Quality control is not simply a matter of following a written plan.  Quality begins with the individual, which is why our first step toward quality control is hiring craftsmen and professionals who have developed their own high standards.  From this foundation of people, Rangel Construction has developed a unique structure of project management and supervision which dedicates four levels of oversight to every project:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Construction Manager
  3. Project Support and Safety Manager
  4. Jobsite Supervisor


Based upon this management structure, a outlined routine is followed to achieve the best quality possible on every project:

  1. Development of a project specific quality control plan to cover the following minimum topics:
    1. Purpose
    2. Quality
    3. Organization
    4. Procedures
      1. Control of Onsite Construction
      2. Documentation
      3. Drawing and Document Control
    5. Recording Forms
    6. Definable Features of Construction Work
  2. Shop drawing and submittal review shall be accomplished through all four levels of management.  Further, copies of all approved shop drawings and submittals will be maintained on the jobsite.
  3. Provide complete safety engineering as required, which allows the tradesman to work most confidently and skillfully.
  4. Engage consultants and training as required for quality construction the first time, and perform all work under the philosophy that quality shall not be sacrificed for cost.
  5. Conduct regular coordination and progress meetings with the project owner, subcontractors, and key suppliers.  The purpose of these meetings is to discuss schedule, problems, changes, and pre-installation strategies.