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Building Repairs and Small Installations

Rangel Construction prides itself on being a company you can count on for any building related need. Owners often struggle knowing who to call for this or that building related problem, or even the installation of small items such as cabinets or new door hardware. Under our Building Care division, simple hourly rates are used to charge for services. If the project only takes 2 hours, that’s all you pay for. Owners also have the freedom to provide any or all materials the small project requires. 


General Appearnace Imporvements & Preventative Maintenance

Your building is a place you invest significant time and money into. The general appearance of your building can affect the morale of those who work in it, as well as the perception of customers and clients. Sometimes simple repairs go a long way, such us bathroom tile repairs or repair to a sheetrock wall. Furthermore, some repairs are not simply about appearance, such as caulking around windows, but are vital to prevent significant damage from moisture. Work items such as these are also handled under our Building Care division, billed only according to the actual time they take.


Complete Building Care & Record Keeping

Rangel Construction is an active general contractor, up to date with the current building trends, and active with an ever change field specialty contractors, such as roofers, plumbers, and electricians. As such, a building owner may receive the benefit of our relationships when we are called for service work, no matter which building component is involved. Our construction projects typically require consideration of all building parts and systems, and it is our job to either self-perform the work, or locate a specialty company with the necessary expertise.  Should you choose to use Rangel for your building care needs, thorough records will be maintained, and a summary of work performed will be sent to you annually.       


Typical Building Care Services Include:

  • Small demolitions
  • Door hardware or weather-stripping replacements
  • Door and window repair or replacements
  • Cracked concrete repair, patching, or filling
  • Cracked masonry repair
  • Wall repairs, with any variety of finish (paint, wall paper, etc.)
  • Water damaged sheetrock or ceiling tile repair
  • Roof leak repairs
  • Faded wood trim repair or replacement
  • Cabinet or countertop replacement
  • Siding, stucco, or EFIS repairs
  • Ceramic tile repair or replacement
  • Specialty contractor service work (outsourced) – plumbing, HVAC, electrical