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As-Built Drafting

Computer drafted drawings of existing building conditions are beneficial to help you formulate and visualize the changes needed to a building.  These drawings will be the starting point for your interaction with design professionals.


Conceptual Drafting

As you prepare to work with a design professional, working through your initial ideas and needs can greatly improve and expedite the design process, and even help reduce professional design fees.  Conceptual drafting aids in the presentation and communication your concepts to design professionals.


Small Project Drafting

Some projects are too small or simple to require the assistance of a professional engineer or architect.  For projects such as these, Rangel Construction can generate the drawings needed for construction.


Pre-Construction Cost Estimating

Understanding the level of cost a construction project may require is essential for guiding overall project and design decisions.  Your project can be estimated at the conceptual, preliminary, or final design levels.  Accuracy of the estimate is paralleled with completion of the design process.


Pre-Construction Consultation & Assistance

Often time owners are initially looking for some simple feedback regarding a project in mind.  While architects and engineers work to find, create, and design the project vision, Rangel Construction works to assist you by communicating how project costs are controlled, before any money is spent (our initial project consultation is free of charge).